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Shuffleboard Rules
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The Shuffleboard rules adopted then, and later by the National Shuffleboard Association (founded 1931 at St. Petersburg), defined the size and shape of courts(concrete or terrazzo, 6 x 52 ft.); the maximum length of the cues (6 ft, 3 in.); the discs (either wood or composition, 1 by 6 in. [2 1/2 x 15 m]; four red, four black); and methods of play and scoring.

Shuffleboard may be played by two persons (singles) or four (doubles), shooting alternately with red and black discs. In singles, when eight shots have been made, players move to the opposite end of the court. In doubles, team players remain at the ends they occupy at the beginning of the game, though the play alternates as in singles. Games may be played to 50, 75 or 100 points, as players desire. To count, discs must be entirely within scoring sections, clearing all lines. In match play (best two out of three games), the second game is started with a black disc.

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