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 Here is shown a Deluxe Poly Court, with the light green tiles for the court, the dark green tiles for the shooting area, and white beveled trim completely around the court.  Note how the base was made 8' wide and 54' long, with a slightly raised edge that traps the discs the fall off the court. The Equipment Package of 4 continental cues, 8 ARCO Tournament Discs, 1 scoreboard, 1 disc carrier and a set of rules is shown also.

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 This base was made out of pressure treated wood with concrete blocks used to make it level.

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The Plastic Shuffleboard Courts in play.  Here the players have the courts 3' apart with indoor outdoor carpet between them. 

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Poly Court Tile, featuring our Patented Surface Design.

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Shuffleboard Courts
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Most people prefer a Poly Court because:

  A.  Its patented surface makes the discs slide easy for a fun game

  B.  The court is virtually maintenance free

  C.  It is stylish and attractive in any setting

  D.  All of the Above!!!! 


If you are looking for a plastic shuffleboard court that plays like a tournament court, yet is durable and virtually maintenance free, look toward our patented Poly Court. Lets study the features of our regulation court, the Deluxe Poly Court.


1.  The Patented surface --- Allows the discs to slide easily so players of all ages and skill can enjoy this game.


2.  Beveled Edges -- Our beveled edges extend 2 1/2 inches on each side for 3 purposes. One, to allow you to slide discs that have fallen off the court easily back onto the court, and 2, to allow for a safer transition when walking onto your court. Finally, the beveled trim comes in 3 different colors that capture your court and make it look great in any environment.


3.  Easy to assemble/disassemble - The design of the interlocking tiles makes it extremely easy to assemble your court in less than 45 minutes. If you are storing this court for winter conditions you can take it apart in 4' sections in less than 20 minutes.


4.  Low Maintenance - The patented surface design of this shuffleboard court does not require wax or beads to make the discs slide easily. Occasionally spray the bottom of the discs with a silicone spray (included with your court) and the discs glide easily down the court.


5.  Custom Sizing Available -  While most of our customers prefer the regulation sized Deluxe Poly Court (52' by 6') we can custom make any size court to suit your needs. We have made courts that are 4' by 28', as well as courts that are 60' by 10'. 


6.  Color Combinations - Our tiles are molded in light green, dark green, and burgundy. The beveled edges are available in white, yellow and burgundy. You can custom make your court to make it work best for your situation. Our best selling court has become the light green court, with the dark green ends and white beveled edges (use picture attached). Since the discs are black and yellow they both are easy to see on this shuffleboard court.


7.  Durability - The Poly Court is made out of a polypropylene material that is durable in all weather conditions. We use a UV Inhibitor in the material to extend the life of the court for years and years of shuffleboard fun.


8.  Economical - The Deluxe Poly Court sells for just $1,490.00. This includes the 52' by 6' surface , and  with the trim attached it takes up an area that is 52' 5" by 6' 5". The court can be shipped easily via UPS.

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Click to view larger Shuffleboard Poly Court image...


Click to view larger Deluxe Poly Court Shuffleboard image... 

Many accounts prefer to put a Plastic Shuffleboard Court over existing shuffleboard courts in lieu of re-surfacing.

 Deluxe Poly Court - This court is the #1 selling Poly Court in the world.  It is 52' by 6' (regulation size) and has the trim completely around the court. With the trim it covers a surface area 52' 5" by 6' 5".   Tiles come in light green, dark green or burgundy.  The beveled trim comes in white, yellow and burgundy. Ships via UPS. This shuffleboard court sells for $1,490.00.
 Click to view larger Euro Shuffleboard Court image...  Click to view larger Euro Court Shuffleboard image...

 The Euro Model
5' x 40' Plastic Shuffleboard Court


A plastic shuffleboard court can be used as an overlay overtop a distressed concrete court.

Euro Court -  This plastic court is perfect for those that do not have the space for a full size court, yet want a quality shuffleboard court.  The court is 5' wide and 40' long, which includes a 5' shooting section on each of the court.  The beveled trim is completely around the court. This shuffleboard court sells for $1,095.00.

 Concrete Shuffleboard Court

Plastic Shuffleboard Court overlay... 

Before (distressed concrete court)

 After (overtop concrete court)

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